Lease of premises
The business centre offers to lease comfortable offices of high-quality decoration, in state ready for entrance, area from 14 sq.m to 80 sq. m., office units (reception room - office), office - reception room – office) form  30 sq.m to 80 sq. m. For availability of free areas at present please move to “Planning”.  

There is a safe depository in the “Daev Plaza” Business Centre for leasing of individual safety deposit boxes to physical and legal persons. Details in “Depositary

Conference hall and negotiation rooms 
There are 4 negotiation rooms for 10-25 persons, conference hall for 150 persons for services of lessees. Excellent technical feasibilities allow translating simultaneously into three languages at the same time and ensure professional control of conference hall systems.

Lease of virtual offices
This service is destined for small and medium companies in order to give them possibility to present in the market without necessity of premises lease on continuing basis. In the framework of this service you are given: —  postal address for business correspondence;
—  receipt and processing of incoming postal correspondence;
—  e-mail address;
—  direct Moscow phone number.  

In addition there is a department of the big bank,  and a number of famous tour operators in the Business Centre. You can have lunch in the Business Centre really. The experienced grid company organizes eating, which helps you to organize celebrations, corporate events and supports coffee break. At your service there is a restaurant for 50 persons, VIP hall for 20 persons, a bar.  You can order dinner in the office really. There are  coffee-machines, vending machines with soft drinks and confectionary.